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Kevan Feyzi
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Kevan is a Madison-based trombonist, educator, clinician, conductor, arranger, composer, and transcriber. He is the founder and director of the Madison Area Trombone Ensemble, a community trombone choir including many of the area's top trombonists, educators, and hobbyists.

He performs regularly around Wisconsin and Illinois on tenor trombone, bass trombone, and euphonium. A University of Wisconsin graduate, his undergraduate education focused on both classical and jazz trombone, with additional coursework in conducting. He regularly gigs with Orquesta De Kache, the Madison Jazz Orchestra, the Madison Mellophonium Jazz Orchestra, Lucho Rey Y Su Salsera, The Wells Division, The Lux, the Madison Brass Band, and the Madison Brass Quintet.
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Madison Area Trombone Ensemble, Orquesta De Kache, Madison Jazz Orchestra, The Neophonic Orchestra, Darren Sterud Orchestra, Edi Rey Y Su Salsera

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